This is a draft that began during Spring Break (April) 2022. Newer, more relevant content coming soon. It started innocently enough, a little tickle in my throat as I drove into work. As the day went on that tickle turned into an itch that got worse as I sniffled and swallowed all the extra goo … Continue reading Fever.

Things that Sting

I’ll be at the store for something extremely trivial but for whatever reason absolutely necessary at the moment, when something small catches my eye. Something that reminds me of my boyfriend, or an old friend. Maybe a game or puzzle or some other activity I think so and so would really enjoy. Or maybe it’s … Continue reading Things that Sting


My favorite time is the quiet time. That all too brief spell when freshly fallen snow blankets the world and muffles everything. A muted world. I’m a hypocrite, though, and I know there are days when I can’t stand the quiet. Where I rave and fight against the possibility of being left to my thoughts. … Continue reading Snow

“It’s like the ice bucket challenge, but with feelings instead of fingers“

So you remember the ice bucket challenge, right? It was supposed to be a fundraiser thing for ALS or something; instead it became an excuse to dump ice on yourself and film it for Facebook. Simpler times. Anyways; I never understood what was “challenging@ about dumping ice over your head. I mean, if anything it’s … Continue reading “It’s like the ice bucket challenge, but with feelings instead of fingers“

Family is a 4-letter word

If you’ve spent some time here, read along with the story so far you may have noticed I don’t seem to spend much time with Family. “Why is that?” You wonder, “With so much loss you’d think the family would come together and support each other. Bloods thicker than water after all…” Yeah, except when … Continue reading Family is a 4-letter word

Good Ghost Stories

Tomorrow is one year since I sat & watched my Dad breath his last. It’s surreal to me now, that an entire year of my life has occurred since then. At the same time it seems like eons ago, like a movie I saw before I was old enough to follow the plot. The quote … Continue reading Good Ghost Stories


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