License Plates

So when I was a kid my grandparents had a vanity license plate. They were super proud of it and put on the back of their daily old really well cared for Buick -thing…

Hell they even took a photograph me and my cousin in the trunk so they could show it off. Because it’s totally normal right? But your kids in the trunk of your car? In the summer? But I digress…

For them it was a cutesy way of showing the world that they’d “made it”.


I mean to me it’s obviously initials and a last name, Bob & Betty Lear. Case closed, easy peasy

But sometimes I see these vanity plates and I cannot, for the love of life, decipher what it may mean.

For example yesterday I saw one and at first I thought said COWPET. I’m thinking OK it’s on an SUV, these people obviously have cows and they think of their cows as their pets. Simple as can be right?


What the license plate actually said was …..(drumroll please)…………CDWPET.

What in gods green earth is a CDW pet? This like those special cds you’d get back in the day and it’s a rewritable pet? Like, I’m sick of my cow and POOF now it’s a goat? Is this some new robot animal technology I haven’t heard of yet?


There may be more to this, but for now I need to take a moment. This is a lot to sink it. Rewritable robot pets and all…


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